Event Consulting and Production

There’s a difference between people who can put on an event – and people who are event producers. We are the latter.

Initial development to full execution…we handle everything from business dinners to full-scale conferences for thousands of attendees.

Producing an event goes beyond the 5 Ps – It requires the 12 Ps.
Purpose, Proper Prior Planning, Passion, Patience, Persistence and Perseverance Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

Events that help your brand

Events are energetic and exciting – and when people come together, the results are unmatched.

You have a great idea for an event, but not the proper resources to do so. Dealing with tight budgets and even tighter timelines is our specialty. We can handle your event needs from start to finish. You just walk through the (virtual) door.

Have you thought about your company having an event? Do you know where to even begin? It takes an experienced team to produce a quality event. You don’t want to get caught with a last-minute issue that can derail your attendee’s experience.

We help you to plan…and execute.


Currently, we are focused on helping with virtual events, guest virtual hosting, and project management.

We can help you in all phases of hosting an event

  • Strategic planning and project management
  • Identify your event goals
  • Identify your audience
  • Timeline preparation
  • Venue selection and negotiation
  • Budget analysis
  • Staffing
  • Website
  • Ticketing
  • Marketing plan
  • Content and Social media marketing
  • Implement efficient team systems
  • Insurance and permits
  • Vendors, pipe & drape, audio, video, activations
  • Speaker and talent coordination
  • Travel
  • Partner and Sponsorship Opportunities
  • We handle everything listed in the consultation package
  • We produce the entire event for you
  • All shapes and sizes
    • Webinars
    • Dinners
    • Seminars and Salons
    • Roundtables
    • Multi-day conferences and festivals