Artist Development and Coaching

Just kicking off your career? or Already established yourself, but are a little stuck?

The most important investment you can make is to learn the inner workings of the music business.
We help artists prepare… and get to the next level.

Advance your career

A successful career as a musician requires going beyond talent and experience. You need to recognize opportunities, and learn how to circumvent the barriers, on the road to your success.

The smart musician understands the market, their audience – and does what it takes to bring their talents to the world stage. Whether you’re in the studio, or performing in front of thousands, you need to have confidence that your team is working for you and you are getting the money you deserve.

We can help you prepare.

You focus on your music, we'll help build your career

  • Identify and map out your short, and long-term career path
  • Help you understand and navigate the music business ecosystem
    • DIY, labels, PROs, distribution, publishing, sync, touring, radio, streaming
  • Define revenue-generating opportunities
  • Keep you updated on trends and new technologies for exposure, audience development, and monetization
  • Best practices for your digital marketing
  • Enhance your social media presence, website, live streaming, and on other platforms
  • Help you understand the process of working with:
    • Managers, Publicists, Booking Agents, Lawyers, and Publishers
  • Help you to manage expectations and know what to look out for before signing a deal
  • Work with you to approach your career as a business
  • Help you prepare for your success

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Event Consultation and Production

There’s a difference between people who can put on an event and people who are event producers. We are the latter.
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Business and Audience Development

Strategic and Creative Services: Building your brand, building your audience.
Do you need a strategist, or a tactician…or a strategic tactician?

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International Business Relations

Relationships are bridges to new markets. Most relationships come down to two things – trust and credibility. We help lay the foundation of new networks and connect you with new business opportunities.

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Artist Development and Coaching

The most important investment you can make is to understand the inner workings of the music business. We help artists prepare, and get to the next level.

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