Peter Schwinge Keynote at Musikzonen, “Celebrating the Music Business” Conference.

Musikzonen, “Celebrating the Music Business” Conference.

On August 29, 2012, Peter Schwinge delivered a Keynote Address to an audience of over 250 industry professionals from a variety of sectors in the music business including professional organizations and politicians.

His speech titled, “Re:Boot the Music Business” brought the audience through the history of the music business challenges and the rollercoaster of change over the last decade, which left many music sectors playing catch-up.

Through his discussion of external environments, embracing technology in creative ways, implementation of more structure and focus from the bottom up to tackle key issues and inefficiencies, and education as a foundation to understand and efficiently work in the music business — He presented a challenge to the business sectors on how to re-wire their thinking from reactive to pro-active and address a fundamental change in the way businesses and musicians behave.

The daylong conference was held in Børsen, the beautiful and historic original Danish Stock Exchange (c. 1640), Steve Mullins from the UK-based, Brand-E also joined the number of distinguished speakers. Live music was performed by Asbjorn and Small Oases the day ended with short canal tour to the Rhytmic Music Conservatory for dinner and a performance by the Danish band, Shaka Loveless.

About The Musiczone:
Musikzonen is a nationwide organisation founded by the Danish Enterprise & Construction Authorities (under the Minsistry for Business and Economic Affairs) and the Danish music industry.

Our founding partners include: Copenhagen Business School, The Danish Chamber of Commerce, Confederation of Danish Industry/ITEK, The Union for Danish Musicians, ROSA – The Danish Rock Council, IFPI Denmark – International Federation for the Phonographic Industry, KODA – Composers in Denmark: collective rights management society, The Rhythmic Music Conservatory and TDC.

Our focus is on research and knowledge sharing to promote the potential of the music industry and explore innovative new business models.

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