At 1am on November 15, 2011 went live. Nordic Spotlight is a US-based Internet resource focused at building a bridge between the Nordic and US territories to bring more awareness of Nordic music, fashion, and culture into the US market. The site produces original as well as aggregates content about the hottest trends in music, fashion, lifestyle, arts and culture and deliver it to the culture-curious consumer.

Director, Peter Schwinge states, “We have thought quite a lot on how we would present Nordic Spotlight to the US market that includes characteristics true to the authenticity of the Nordic territories. We came up with the analogy of building a house. A house for all to play in, where everyone can be part of building a community resource together. It was wonderful to hear the praise and support from the Nordics. The fact we have contributors from numerous countries with the same passion about the region is a true testament to their wonderful cultures.”


Author: Peter Schwinge
Peter Schwinge is the Founder and Director of Moving Target Group. He is also a marathoner and cyclist and still produces music when he has the chance.