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new mizuno irons 2021

I try to support their company and I like their products (the ones I can actually use) but I’m repeatedly reminded they just don’t want my business. Especially when the CLK didn’t live up to the hype. In particular, to the exit speeds, they can generate when … Great first run with the new Mizuno JPX 921’s last week. If you’re willing to overlook the finer points, damned near everything is forged. I don’t understand the loft jacking because unsuspecting consumers are probably carrying hybrids that are the same loft as their low lofted irons. My distances didn’t change much, if at all, from the 900s to the 919s. Well this is the first Mizuno JPX forged Model going back before the 850 thats not in LH thanks again Mizuno!! You will probable never know. Why must I feel disappointed after buying from Mizuno that I couldn’t get even try what I really wanted? Mizuno can adjust the Fli-Hi to match the lie angle of your irons. An thoughts on a timeline for their next line of wedges to coincide with this iron release? Ben Hogan tried this a few years ago, and people hated that as well. 100% going to schedule a fitting for a right handed set with the SEL specs. P770’s are some of the hottest irons on the planet, and based on their huge early success, you are going to see a lot of these in golfers’ bags moving into 2021. Man I get pissed when major manufacturers like Mizuno freeze out lefties on some of their offerings. Sadly this photo is all I’m allowed to share with you for now, but be sure to keep your eyes out for more details in the coming days or weeks or … The “woods” are now made of metal, but this technology is relatively new. Mizuno dropped the first clue to a new JPX921 iron line up yesterday – with an Instagram post showing its new Forged model. JPX919 Tour. What JPX921 Forged’s cohort of competitors who offer semi-faux forgings have in common (other than playing fast and loose with the definition of “forged”) is that they leverage multi-piece and, often, multi-material construction to allow for thinner faces which create more speed. Good stuff as usual, Tony. Here is, to me, the wildest Mizuno sales stat. MP-20 HMB. Billed as The Precision Hybrid, it’s one of the more sensible offerings I’ve seen, especially for those who view hybrids a continuation of their irons. The JPX921 Tour is the first JPX iron to be hand-shaped by Mizuno’s Meister Craftsman in Japan. If you’re a right-handed golfer planning on ordering a combo set, I’d suggest you order to SEL specs. I sent my 25 year old son this article and looks like he’ll be joining dad! View MP-20 MMC . Callaway Apex MB Irons (2021) Callaway's Apex MB Irons are built for the best players in the game. $627.99. A good bit of what’s changed with JPX921 Tour boils down to a re-engineered stability frame which is perhaps an overly technical way of saying Mizuno shaped things a little bit differently and put weight in different places. As usual, there’s no up-charge for the overwhelming majority of shafts in Mizuno’s catalog. sole width tends to play a bigger part in sole interaction vs bounce in irons. It created some limitations around what Mizuno could do with the face. Yeah…also Forged. The majority of the weight is fixed at the sole of the club. Ordered JPX hot metal irons last year, 3° upright and Mizuno COMPLETELY screwed up the lie angles on ALL the irons. I too am a “Mizuno guy” going back to MP 57, JPX 825, MP-H5, JPX 900 forged and JPX 919 forged. I’m still interested in the MMCs (which I personally found to be fine for distance, workability, and forgiving enough) but with the new 921 Tour arriving soon I’m (happily) kicking the full upgrade down the road. Lazrus is a trusted brand for its … First, it’s bendable. Looking forward to demo these irons. Golf clubs are known as iron because the heads of the clubs are made of metal. There’s an even half-inch and four degrees between each club (until you reach the gap wedge). That makes sense given that, by comparison, the Tour model is light on technology and significantly increasing speed wasn’t on the to-do list. As one of the final steps in Mizuno’s MP iron development process, the raw iron shapes created in CAD software are handed off to the craftsman. Right Hand, Project X LZ 5.0 Shaft: Custom $$$$ 4.6: 9. Frankly, they had to. That’s not a small thing for someone whose irons are two degrees upright. I love the 919JPX Hot Metal Pro. The head size is perfect for me. As a wrong sided golfer, it’s a bummer the Fli-Hi’s aren’t available. I’m a lefty as well and always feel left out by Mizuno. First assembled sets available by 17th … Golf Pride’s Z-Grip full cord is the stock grip. I am looking to upgrade my set of irons that I've played for the last 5 seasons. To see the full listing and additional pictures check out the link here: P770 irons Member Tzoid – Mizuno MP-32 iron … That says quite a bit in my book. Go ahead and stamp Forged on it because some golfers believe it’s better. To give everyone time to come to terms with that, we’ll start our deep dive with the un-jacked JPX 921 Tour. There are two other things about the JPX Fli-Hi that are worth pointing out. All i can say is wow, what a set of irons. Pricing remains unknown for the probable early 2021 release Two new Mizuno drivers hit the USGA conforming list on Monday – the Mizuno ST-X and ST-Z. Best irons 2021 overall: Mizuno MP-20 Irons Set; Best irons 2021 for average to high handicap golfers: Callaway Big Bertha Irons Set; Best irons 2021 for low handicap golfers: Titleist 718 AP2 Irons Set; Best irons 2021 for extra distance: Cobra King Forged TEC Irons Set; Best irons 2021 on a budget: Wilson Staff … I am a senior and am looking for max-forgiveness clubs. Talking New Level Golf with founder Eric Burch. The evolutionary JPX919 Tour can also claim whatever share of a major championship the equipment deserves – and witnessing it being made when I visited Mizuno in Japan – it will always be a special iron for me. We’ll call that Forged, too. Second, it’s only $125. The point of emphasis here is that, unlike much of the competition in the distance space, the JPX921 is a true 100-percent forged, single-piece iron. Rounding out the new Mizuno JPX lineup is the third generation of JPX Fli-Hi Hybrids. How does this line of clubs compare to the MP 20 line? 8. The combination of sweet area, conventional MOI and launch conditions provided by the low and deep center of gravity is why Mizuno continues to believe Hot Metal is the best game-improvement iron on the market. Apart from the material, the Chromoly forging processes is nearly identical to what Mizuno does with its other irons. Wondering the same thing. Long-iron soles are a bit wider to promote higher launch. View this post on Instagram. Stock shafts for the JPX921 Forged are the Nippon Modus 120 in stiff and the Modus 105 in regular. (in some cases they were 4° off!). Learn how your comment data is processed. Good, thorough review of the irons, but why is it such a shock that the hot metal and hot metal pro outsell or there are other irons combined. Maybe it’s a club you played back in the day. Once the head is formed, Mizuno creates a rebound area for the face by milling material from behind it. Im not part of the profit, therefore not part of discussion or final decision. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, (your email address will not be published). is it possible to make a combo with the jpx 921 tour and the jpx921 forged with the loft of the forged series ? Tony, as always, an outstanding and insightful overview of the new Mizuno JPX 921 line of irons. Been playing X100s for years in my MP20s and 825pros, but I think I want to try some different shafts. Within the broader Mizuno ecosystem, JPX850 was the iron that began reshaping and redefining JPX as something other than Mizuno’s game-improvement offering. So the SEL goes after the 10% of the 10% of lefties who are golfers. ... but I doubt they want it intruding much on the MP launch in 2021 and all the R&D and everything is done on the new line at this point, the … Leveraging a traditional crown design allowed Mizuno to use a much thinner 17-4 steel face.

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