Company overview

We are Brand Builders, Relationship Managers, Communicators, and Producers who specialize in Business Development and Event Management.

We help forward-thinking start-ups and established companies to bring the right people together, create new opportunities to engage with your audience, and communicate your brand message.

Business is a Moving Target…we help you prepare for the future.

Why you need us

  • Too much on your plate that takes your focus away from the bigger picture
  • You’re understaffed and need a competent team to help grow your business
  • Cold calling to present your company takes a lot of effort
  • You need help for a one-off project
  • You want to hold an event or seminar, but lack the resources and knowledge to do so
  • You need to deepen your relationships with prospects and clients
  • You need to stay on top of trends, and seek new innovative ideas you may not have thought of
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Moving Target Group helps you by

  • Leveraging our network with experienced personnel from multiple sectors
  • Developing strategic creative plans and handling logistics in the US territory
  • Aligning with key companies to strategically, and cost-efficiently publicize your brand
  • Supporting your mission and generate greater attention of your brand
  • Production of seminars, events, and showcases in which link together different industries for B2B and B2C
  • Developing efficient marketing and business plans to grow your business and audience
  • Putting the right team in place to generate results for you

See all of our services

Event Consultation and Production

There’s a difference between people who can put on an event and people who are event producers. We are the latter.
From initial development to full execution…we handle everything from business dinners to full-scale conferences for thousands of attendees.

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