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kerala bakery items recipe

The cake was soft and moist, and tasted almost the same as that my aunt used to bake.Thank you for posting this recipe. 2 cups of flour is 250 gms. Not the exact substitute, but comes very close. Rice based ingredients are the major constituent of eating habit. Hope you’ll like the cake. Sorry for the delayed reply. Nice to know that the cake turned out well for you :). i really want to bake this for this Xmas.thanks. Please do share your feedback, if you try this. I completely followed the recipe,didn’t make any changes, but soaked the fruits in brandy only for a week. I want to try this .. maria, thanks for for bring up the cake idea… thot it was too early to start baking and was getting restless…my mixed fruits were soaked in june :)…. Beat after each addition. Beat the egg yolks & add the softened butter to it. Please try greasing the cake tin nicely and also use parchment paper. I’m not sure about microwave temperature settings. A question regarding the flour, when you say plain flour, is it atta which we use for chappatis or maida? Thank you Nija :) I’m so happy that the cake came out well. I think its always better to beat the egg whites just before using it, otherwise it happens like you’ve mentioned. Toss the drained fruits in 1-2 tbsp of flour. I would like to know that what substitute can I use for a 9″ loaf pan as I don’t have one. Maria, is this otherwise called plum cake? Wow – you are EARLY with this cake! My apologies for the delayed reply. we use robust packaging to ensure that your requirements are arrive to you safely and undamaged. I’m sorry, I havent tried this recipe with oil. Thanks for sharing the feedback here. bakeries open during lockdown. Retain 4 tbsp from the drained liquor. Thank you and keep up the good work , ur receipes inspires housewifes like me to cook without being scared of spoiling the taste :), Thanks a lot dear for the wonderful comment, I’m so excited to know that you like this space :). The color of the cake very much depends on the color of the caramel you make. Appreciate it very much :). As you’ve mentioned you can loosen it a bit by adding warm milk. Any tips on how to avoid the sticky top? I do hope you enjoy the cake. I suggested you add extra baking powder, right? This Kerala plum cake recipe requires you to caramelise sugar into a thick sugar syrup. Hi Maria, You are welcome :) Nice to know that the cake was appreciated by your family. Happy new year in advance…. Thanks a ton dear, I’ll pass the compliments for the new look to Jose, I’m sure he’ll be very happy to hear it :). Some other reasons can be the cake can be under baked or the air humidity is too high. Nice to know that you also had a wonderful holiday filled with yummy food :), I recently found your is really awesome!! Hope you will enjoy this recipe. Can’t get over the taste of your Christmas cake long ago in Bahrain. Hi Maria, Wish u a Merry Christmas n a very very Happy New Year in advance :)) I’m always happy to share my experiences, so no worries Palada Payasam. Step by Step Kerala Plum Cake / Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe. Must tell you that you have such a wonderful blog…love your cake and i’m so much tempted to bake this…but would like to know your measurements…2 cups flour means how much in grams? , we make the cakes in advance (in december 10 to 22) Previous year some cakes are in deffect and know some white colour in middle of the cake. :) One and half cup of orange juice was just nice to soak the 3 cups of fruits. For many weddings and parties, after the round of Appams, Bakery Bread (Rotti) is served with another side dish. Thanks for sharing the rum substitute details, I’m sure other readers will find it helpful. It is superb!!! yes you can. Coming to think of it, I was always a hard core tea cake fan and used to wonder how can somebody like plum cake/fruit cake. Jus like you, I dont like the fruit cake u get in shops and would love to try out this recipie :) I do happen to self raising flour .. Can i substitute plain flour with self raising flour and omit baking powder and baking soda for this recipe? I do hope this gives you an idea about the size of the tin. Cookies. Your awesome cake reminded me that I need to soak the fruits in rum. Hope it’s clear now. I had soaked 6 cups of dry fruits and nuts in 3 cups of rum(to make 2 cakes). Oh Maria!I cant tell you how much i loved the new look of ur site…araa cheythathu?…real good job…loved loved the thumbnails of teh pictures…great look overall….Good luck on your book making……May i ask u, How many recipes are going to be in?Do they include recipes from ur blog as well?….. Beat after each addition…, Fold in the soaked fruits & 4 tbsp of retained liquor…, Grease the baking dish (refer notes) & line with baking paper. Hi Maria…I never really made a Christmas cake until this year when i found you recipe. hi maria ,i m meria..thanks 4 the recipe…the cake tasted yummy…i do not have 2 baking dish,so i baked in my big baking dish at a time,so it took more than 1 and half hours…middle portion of the cake went down…y is it so?i beat egg white so creamy but at the time to pour,plain egg white came from the cup..up portion remained the same.also after 45 min,i opened the oven door and again i kept it for 20 and again for 30 min.pls help me to find out what is the reason y the middle portion went down? It was a super hit. But I kept in the refrigerator. Maria, I used 1 and 1/4 cup sugar in cake and 1/4 cup for powdering spice. Kerala Cuisine: Here is a list of 22 Kerala Food that you must try: Puttu and Kadala Curry, Appam with Stew - One of The Most Popular Kerala Food Items Idiyappam Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu (Spicy Chicken Fry) Kerala Prawn Curry Naadan Beef Fry or Kerala Style Beef Fry Please do share your feedback if you try this. Thank u so much for such a wonderful recipe…..tried tis out,soaked the fruits a month back when i saw the update in talimpu…baked for christmas got 3 medium cakes and it was a hit……Keep up the good work!! See more ideas about Recipes, Food blog, Kottayam. Cookies. I’m so happy :). you can check the picture at ligysspace.blogspot. Ur cake looks so yummy .. Thanks a bunch for sharing it on your blog too. I am preparing this for kids. Wish you & your family a Merry Christmas! TIA, Make sure you store the cake only after it’s completely cooled, other reasons are under baking the cake or the humidity being high. Hi Maria, But I still don't like the store bought plum cakes that we get back home in Kerala. Preheat the oven @ 180 C for 10-15 mins, before baking. Thanks for trying it and also for the comment. With us, it is all about the initial design sage. Thanks for that :)… familiar with baking language ;), Ok. Your cake looks nice, it’s got a very good colour :), Mariaaaaaaaa,I made it turned out superrrrrb :-D.thanku so husband loved it.nd wl make it for our xmas&wedding anniversary party(Dec27). Congrats on the cook book and the new look for site! Can I continue with the same recipe…I mean the same quantity u have mentioned for all ingredients? If you are soaking in orange juice, it’s better to soak it for just one day. Please have a look at it here: Achappam It is a delicate, crunchy and delicious snack. Thanks.. Powder the sugar & keep aside. Happy baking! Delicious and healthy snacks to fit your taste and for a mid day energy, Add more happiness to your special day with a cute and yummy cake, Delicious sweet desserts to complete your meal and to celebrate, Healthy and versatile to celebrate with enhancing energy as anytime meal, Lorem ipsum ex vix illud nonummy novumtatio et his. so all thanks to you. I’m so happy to know that your first attempt at plum cake worked out well :). shahi pulao recipe | shahi veg pulao | hyderabadi veg pulav recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. I havent tried baking it in a pressure cooker yet. Hi Maria. only difference is, i use veg refined oil instead of butter ( makes the cake soft and very moist) Hi Maria..Merry Christmas…i will be baking the cake today…is it possible to share the recipe in grams? Thanks Rema :) I used unsalted butter for this recipe. I’m really happy that it came out well for you. Below listed are my top 3 picks. Plain flour is Maida and not Atta. I’m really happy that it was appreciated by your guests :). i made this cake for Christmas and i am simply thrilled to say that it came out soo well that i had my family and friends licking their fingers all the way. May God bless u all always. The darker the caramel is the darker the colour of the cake also. I have a doubt.If i want to add some cashew nuts , is there any problem if i soak the nuts for 1 month?? Palappam (Kerala … Dear Maria, I am a novice in baking.. just a doubt.. the above qty is for two cakes rt? Christmas is around the corner and I am missing my parents, my home and God’s Own Country – Thanks Neeta, You can use a 9 inch round/square tin as well. Thanks a lot for the comment & wishes. Hi Maria, I searched on your website and found this…made it yesterday. I tried this recipe before one week and the cake came out good. hope it comes out perfect this time. I forgot to mention it :(. For softening the butter quickly, take a bowl of hot water & cover it with a lid. Thank you so much! Any suggestions ? Really happy to know that the cake came out well, I liked the way how you wrote “cant stop admiring/eating” it :).  can i soak fruits in juice? One doubt though.. Try to soak it for a minimum of 1 week, at least. Great to know that your fruit cake turned out well. Wow it looks great and you sound still the same nice warm person… Infact its only when my maid goes on long vacation that I venture into the kitchen… And after one year she has gone home again now and first thing I did was google for Marias Menu and have been reading up all day… You can see it here: Hi, Maria, I do hope your cake comes out perfect! Great to know that your cake turned out well :) I’m also happy to hear that it reminded you of your aunt’s cake.   Featured it on my blog thank you. thrissur bakery. Hi Maria, after pre heating the oven, the cake should be baked at what temperature for 40-45 minutes? We've added some new pages like upcoming book, Buzz section & reader's T&T (tried & tested). Frequent opening of oven doors while baking will cause sinking of cake in the middle. About the rum…I assume you used the same qty of rum mentioned in this recipe. Retain 4 tbsp from the drained liquor. You are welcome dear :) Great to hear that the cake was a hit. Happy baking and all the best! Place the butter on top of the lid. Regards I havent tried it yet with SR flour. Great to know that the cake came out well for you!

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