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best natural gas fire pit

You can, however, obtain decorative, often ceramic, logs, which add to the visual appeal. Superior heat output and low height allow you to feel the heat more. Materials used: magnesium oxide and steel. We’ve made sure to include something for every need and budget, and go into detail on what we like about each unit, and who they are best suited to depending on needs and desires. It is spark … Many states now have restrictions on wood-burning fires, so gas fire pits offer a viable alternative. Note: If you click a link on this page, then go on to make a purchase, we may receive a commission but at no extra cost to you. Make sure there is adequate space between decorative logs, lava rocks or fire glass beads. 40,000 BTUs of heat are delivered to a 15-foot diameter. They feature a log that comes in a variety of styles and burner modules that create flames that dance and flicker with attractive golden hues. This outdoor propane fire pit features a bronze finish which can complement any outdoor patio furniture. 58,000 BTUs provides plenty of heat for keeping you nice and toasty. While the traditional fireplaces only added warmth, today’s fire pits also offer functionality and beauty. If you are more familiar with kilowatts per hour as a heat measurement, you can convert BTUs by using the following conversion table and calculator. It is a pure natural gas fire pit with a capacity of 45,000 BTUs and a dancing flame of between 24 and 26 inches. A gas shut-off valve is manually controlled with a key, which allows gas to flow to the burner. Professional member of the NBGA (National Barbecue and Grilling Association). 50,000 BTUs provide more heat than many similar gas fire pit tables with lower rated burners. For all-night parties or longer cold days, they can provide continuous warmth. It is worth noting that most units can be converted to use natural gas or propane. This model from Heininger uses a manual ignition. Easy to light matchless ignition, with fully adjustable heat control knob. Hidden control panel improves aesthetics but is easy to reach. But how many BTUs you actually need depends on both the size of your burner and the type of gas used. Using your burner at the highest flame setting will also reduce the runtime, with some 50,000+ BTU burners only lasting four hours at higher settings. The fire pit measures 60-inch by 27-inch by 17 inches and weighs about 176 pounds. Table dimensions: 30 inches by 30 inches by 24 inches. An adjustable flame lets you determine the right flame length while the Lava rocks enable you to spread the frame to suit your needs. The included plastic cover should be put over the whole table unit if you plan on keeping it outside. You will need to carry a box of matches or lighter when using this fire pit. The unit further comes with high-quality, weather-resistant wicker that is woven over an aluminum frame enabling it to withstand the harsh weather elements. Included in the box is the gas fire pit construction, including hose and regulator attachments, and a waterproof table cover. Black Lava Rocks (1) Model# MS9NG $ 1698 00. Unfortunately, many of them come at a high-end price too. The square base, which stores the propane tanks, has been constructed from blocks of bricks made with steel and magnesium oxide. If you intend to use the fire pit on the go, ensure you choose one which is both compact and lightweight. Best Gas Fire Pit – A look at Some of the Top Models Available in 2020, Endless Summer Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit (Blue Fireglass), Heininger Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit, Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Outdoor Portable Gas Fire Pit With Cover & Carry Kit, Christopher Knight Home Outdoor Square Stone Gas Fire Pit, Camp Chef FP40 Fire Pit Table With Fire Glass & Lid, Az Patio Heaters Gas Fire Pit, Antique Bronze Finish, Bali Outdoors Firepit LP Gas Fireplace 28″ Square Table. The matchless ignition and safety shut-off valve ensure the fire pit is both practical and easy to use. They also offer a safer heat form, with no unpredictable sparks. Since ancient times, humans have always passed knowledge around fireplaces. Smaller lava rocks should be placed on the top lava layer to prevent fire glass from slipping through larger spaces between the rocks. You can often contact the manufacturer directly to check if the burner unit has an extended warranty available. A smokeless flame is ideal for those areas which forbid fires. A fire pit like this Blue Rhino table is ideal for making sure the wine is the only thing that is chilled. Easy to use, with full instructions on the side of the pit. An emergency shut-off valve should always be found on the burner, or at least the hose going to the burner. With 40,000 BTUs, this decorative fire pit table will definitely keep those seated around it warm. The American Society of Landscape Architects reports outdoor fire pits are the number one requested design feature today. People have to be able to sit around or near the firepit, without being so close that they get burned. CSA approved, the burner features a thermocouple failure device for maximum safety. Outland Living Series 403 – 44-inch Gas Fire Pit Table. Shop our best selection of Natural Gas Fire Pits to reflect your style and inspire your outdoor space. It features magnesia simulated stone that is highly realistic and clearly distinguishable by naked eyes. Round Concrete Natural Gas Fire Pit … Essentially, you are only putting together the bottom stand, which generally takes less than an hour. For further details on this stylish product and the latest prices, click here: Sometimes it seems like there is an endless choice for high-end gas fire pit tables to keep you warm on the patio. How it is regulated will be up to the certified gas fitter you need to employ for the installation. The design features of this portable product would look just as good at home, on an elegant patio or deck. They are also safe. Obviously, the higher the BTUs of the burner, the more gas it will consume. Providing it’s been installed and used correctly, the manufacturer will service any faults under warranty. Fire pit tables usually have a base and top design, while a fire pit may be a simple base or even an individual burner surrounded by pavers. Another quality product from Outland, you could easily get another … An outdoor firepit is an excellent way to have a safer, more controlled campfire. A stylish coffee table by day, heat warming pit by night. It is convenient and flexible to accommodate other outdoor functions. As many other household items, a natural gas fire pit comes with a series of advantages and drawbacks. Take this portable fire pit wherever you go, whether you're … Central heating for your garden isn’t an option, so how are you going to keep everyone warm as those chilly nights draw in? The best units recreate a realistic look of glowing embers underneath the logs. OK, OK, I’ll admit that gas fire pits don’t really have a “season” per se — they’re ripe for enjoyment pretty much any day of the year (as long as it’s not raining outside). According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, that’s nearly three times the amount of reported injuries in 2008. In this article, we take a detailed look at what a gas fire pit is, the benefits of them compared to fires using other fuels, what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for one, and end with a list of our top choices for the best gas fire pit available today. The piezo ignition system can be safer when it’s working correctly. At nearly 70 pounds, this isn’t a “pick up and go” portable gas fire pit. Some designs can be recessed into the ground, which provides protection from the flames. It is built to handle most knocks common during transportation, which makes it a perfect camping tool. However, as many areas now have campfire bans, how are you meant to keep warm? The compact size will fit in the smallest of trunks, even in smaller cars. It not only offers heat, but the lovely design provides a decorative aspect in your garden. Easy access doors open to a compartment which stores a standard propane tank and the integrated piezo ignition system, with an adjustable flame control knob. It has a stunning chrome valve knob that lets you easily adjust the height of the flame to suit your needs. That clean-burning propane or natural gas can also be one of the biggest downfalls of a gas fire pit. They refer to a natural gas grill, but the principles are the same for all natural gas outdoor appliances. An aluminum tabletop and an attractive wicker design offer an eye-pleasing focal point that complements your outdoor décor. Sego Lily Cheyenne 32"x20" Fire Table, Grey by Sego Lily Home(2) $394. It features high-quality steel construction and an enamel finish with protective powder coating for enhanced durability. Gas fire pits offer the ultimate in heating convenience for homeowners (with possibly only the exception of tabletop heaters.) Although, if you have younger children the flame has no protection features, with the table at a potentially dangerous height for kids. You then manually light the burner with a match, or some form of oven lighter, simply turning off the valve when finished. The unit comes with a battery for easy ignition. No stand cover provided, so steel may rust quickly. One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. It is easy to set up and comes with fire glass to keep your fire dazzling even during strong winds. This outdoors propane fire pit offers a tasteful alternative at a budget price. Most gas fire pits haven’t been designed with cooking in mind, however, and you will probably need to buy a separate grate or rotisserie. The fire bowl is CSA approved, for use with the 4.4-pound lava rock set, which is provided to enhance the flickering flame effect. Any less than 40,000 BTUs mean you are basically investing in something more for decoration than heating purposes. It just depends on what you are looking for. Electric Fireplace TV Stand 70 inch Corner Fireplace Review, Top 7 Ventless Gas fireplace inserts Review, 10 Best Electric Fireplace Insert Reviews, How To Easily Activate MetroPCS Phone Without Paying, Home Depot Credit Card Pre Approval Application Process, Top 5 Best Women’s Shoes for Foot Pain in 2020, It has a total output of 58,000 BTU per hour. This gas fire pit has even been designated as safe by RV campgrounds across the states. Remember though that you will have to fit a gas propane tank in the trunk, too. The Giantex Outdoor fire pit is not only stylish, but it is also durable. Like other portable fire pits we’ve looked at, the Outland 870 features a 10-foot hose as standard. Steel will rust if left uncovered in the elements. To find out more about this stunning piece of outdoor furniture, click here: Packing a separate table and a gas fire pit into the back of your RV can be cumbersome, and that’s where this 2-in-1 product may be ideal for those weekends away, and doesn’t weigh too much either. To find out more about the Outland Premium 870, click here: It’s not all about the camping, sometimes you just want a gas fire pit which fits the style of your backyard. Best affordable fire pit: Threshold. Also, with natural gas, once the line has been laid, you won’t find it easy to move the fire pit. The wind guard offers an attractive view of the flame while keeping the fire burning even during a breeze. As quick as they are to start up, they can also turn off quickly, for safety and energy saving. 38-inch square table top, 28 inches tall. Next to the ignition button, a large chrome-plated knob allows you to control the intensity of heat and size of the flame. Gas is the safe choice over wood as a fuel, being less likely to result in a campsite or forest fire. A gas hose is attached to the burner of the table and includes a dial, which you push to ignite the fire pit. Want to give your backyard a centerpiece that isn’t the … The table can be made of brick or stone, looking impressive and decorative. Unfortunately, no cover is provided as standard. Water and trapped air in a rock will turn into steam when placed near a fire, and the pressure may cause them to explode. The unit offers a fantastic output of 58,000 BTU per hour. If you want an eternal flame in your backyard, you’re going to need a gas fire pit which runs on natural gas. A burner up to 20 inches in diameter should offer enough warmth to an area with 40,000 BTUs or more. © 2020 Food Fire Friends, All rights reserved. Wayfair. The most basic form of ignition tends to be the old-fashioned match system, found on many of the less expensive burners. As such, a gas fire pit … A good quality cover will also allow you to use the fire pit as a table when the fire is not lit. Space is provided for a 20-pound tank of liquid propane. If you choose a propane model, there’s always the chance it could run out mid-party. is a participant in the Amazon Services Associates Program. The Crawford gas fire pit from Christopher Knight Home furniture will look as if it has been built specifically for your home. The Outland 883 Mega Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit features a 24-inch diameter bowl, with 75 percent more surface area. The Outdoor Wicker fire pit by Best Choice is elegant outdoor furniture that offers a perfect combination of functionality and style on your patio. Easy to operate, even if you have to light manually. Maybe your al fresco dining doesn’t even involve a grill, just an excuse to show off your new deck or pool? With a 19-inch diameter bowl and standing just over a foot tall, it’s easy to store or place in the trunk of your car. The improvements a gas fire pit … The 870 Outland is also attractive. It is easy to maintain as you only need to wipe with a dry cloth. If it’s to be used in your backyard, will it also be pleasing to the eye, as well as an effective source of heat? Flagstone and crushed stone are less expensive materials for your pit, and won’t retain moisture, unlike pea gravel. They simulate the look of real wood without the hassles of sourcing wood. Quick start ignition systems found on modern gas fire pits, ensure you can light them instantly. We went through 30 hours to locate a best natural gas fire pit for you is a Celestial Fire Glass 36″ x 12″ Drop-in Fire Pit Pan w/H-Burner, Stainless Steel, 165k BTU, which accompanies stunning highlights … With everything except a tank in the box, it’s ready to hook up to your nearest tank, for instant warmth. Semi-permanent gas fire pits will normally be made from metal or stone. It has a fiber-reinforced concrete that is heat resistant, rust-resistant and weather resistant. Portable gas fire pits resemble the propane burners used at Thanksgiving for deep frying the turkey. This compact fire bowl from Outland offers a safe to use, spark-free propane campfire, which is compact for easy transportation. It comes with an easy to use push-button ignition that lets you easily turn the fire on and off. We really like the bright flame it burns with, as a warning to any kids or animals who may be nearby. Table insert allows it to be used as a table, and offers space for drinks when unlit. There’s no stopping you from setting it up on your deck at home. A portable gas fire pit like this one from Heininger would be ideal. Keeping your propane tank as far away as possible from the flames is one of the biggest safety precautions you can take. For extra table space, you should remove the wind guard and place a lid over the pit for an additional space that you can use to hold drinks and food for an outdoor family gathering. If you are tired of buying fire pits that will break after a few years, you should consider the Century Modern Outdoor Concrete fire pit. Something I could easily put in my trunk for a weekend fishing trip or late-night football game. Fire pits have become increasingly popular across the USA, and people huddled around one in the backyard is now a common sight. Although the blue glass gives a nice glow to the flames, it doesn’t increase the heat offered. The Marbleized Noche Beacon Steel round Propane/Natural Gas Fire Pit Table is a beautiful new take on a classic style. A small and compact design, the Camp Chef Monterey can be used either on your patio or that next weekend camping trip. Let’s take a look at each in turn. A more modern system is the spark, or piezo ignition system, similar to those found on many gas grills. The unit features aluminum construction and a stainless steel burner, keeping away rust for enhanced durability. If you want a flame that burns brighter and can be seen even in daylight, liquid propane is your best choice. Nothing compares to that BBQ taste you only get with those grills. If you are looking for a fire pit that will act as a decorative piece for your yard, you will fall in love with the Christopher Knight Home Rogers Round fire pit. Included plastic waterproof cover protects from the elements. We at offer a wide variety of fire pits for sale, including your ideal fire pit … When you wander into a hardware store or search online for a gas fire pit, you will be bombarded with the number of BTUs each pit offers. The 10-foot hose allows propane tank to be tucked safely away. 25-Inch Slat Cauldron Fire Pit: … The top gas fire pits come with a sensor that turns off the burner if the oxygen level falls. An intuitive design made from durable materials offers an excellent heating output for guests seated around it. New and improved “ISTA 3A certified packaging” ensures this kit arrives in a safe and secure delivery. At 24.5 pounds, this fire pit has been designed to be ultra-portable. The magnesium oxide is long-lasting as it can withstand harsh outdoor elements and it is resistant to mold and mildew. Keep reading. Bag of 0.75 in. There are none of the installation costs associated with natural gas, as you don’t have to hire a certified gas installer. The size of the burner ring will determine what size propane tank you need. Attractive design will enhance any traditional patio. It is a multipurpose unit that functions as a dining set table and a fire pit. Normally only found on high-end gas fire pits, an electronic ignition allows for an easy flick of a switch. A battery-operated, push button, electric ignition system is easy to use and reliable. With a burner cover, a gas fire pit … I'm a self-proclaimed BBQ nut, and the founder and chief editor here at Food Fire Friends. Powered by propane, this model has a mantle made of slate that surrounds the heated stones where the heat … Natural gas fire pits are definitely the most expensive, but they are also the most practical and economical in the long run. It comes with a cover and a carry kit to protect the unit from outdoor elements. You should always check that your gas fire pit has been certified as safe by an independent product safety certification company, like Underwriters Laboratories. At 70 pounds, this table style fire pit is not designed as a portable unit. Finally, if cooking over your fire pit, you lose the depth of flavor that you get with wood or charcoal-burning pits. Easy to assemble, it comes with all the tools and parts you need to get it up and running. You could quite easily feel the warmth from it when standing eight to 10 feet away. Dimensions: 19 inches by 19 inches by 11 inches. At the middle of the pit is a burner, covered with lava rocks for added effect. At 70 pounds, this table is not designed to be a portable fire pit. Portable propane gas fire pits are ideal for moving around your yard or patio, and can easily be taken on camping weekends. One-year manufacturer’s warranty included as standard. The under-table compartment will easily house one standard 20-pound propane tank. Piezo ignition and safety valve, for an easy. The next thing to consider is how you want to ignite or turn on your gas fire pit. In this article, you will find a review of the best rated natural gas fireplaces that are also cost-friendly and safe to use. Click here to find out more about this slimline and compact product. Both natural gas and liquid propane are clean-burning fuels, ideal for those with allergies or smoke sensitivities. Following is a list we’ve compiled of some top contenders for the best gas fire pit available today. The fire pit design is not only attractive, but it is also functional as you will be able to store one 40,000 BTU propane gas tank inside the unit. It comes with a 4.4 lb natural lava rock set that is pleasing to the eye, enhancing the flickering effect of your fire. Just remember, you are not buying this fire pit table for the warmth, but rather the ambiance it provides. A 20-pound propane tank will last eight to 12 hours, depending on the flame setting you use. The unit features a glass wind guard that keeps your fire going while enhancing the appeal of the frame. As a bonus, the pit’s metal base ring won’t get hot and scorch your garden or burn the patio. A natural gas conversion kit is available as an extra purchase, for safely connecting to a mains gas line. Maybe you just want to sit outside with your loved one enjoying a chilled glass of wine. … You would probably need a few of these for that task. Other models may use rocks or colored glass pebbles for a decorative effect. Larger rings will need more gas supply, from a larger tank or natural gas. Camp Chef can also supply as, or convert this table to, a natural gas model at their warehouse. At least it should be – some owners have reported the piezo ignition sometimes fails to light and requires manual lighting with matches. Her’es what you want to look for when choosing the best models to fit your needs. This creates a clean, enjoyable atmosphere … If you’re camping, you no longer have to waste time collecting firewood. Distressed edges offer a rustic look, with a spacious cabinet that will hold the propane tank and other accessories. For that home-built look, this gas fire pit from Christopher Knight Home is ideal, and it comes already assembled. However, the terms are quite often used interchangeably. However, we need to remember to practice safety when utilizing outdoor natural gas fire pits and when building a fire in general. Best Pit Table: Pleasant Hearth Eden Fire Pit Table. An included battery saves you the time you could have used to purchase separately. No windshield, with flames being easily pushed over. Note: Clicking the above links will take you to further information, current prices and customer reviews on Amazon. Natural Gas Fire Pits - More difficult to set up and assemble, you do always have the option to install a line into your natural gas supply to create a permanent fire pit fixture in your back yard. Although it will hide and protect the propane tank, steel will rust, and the slate can wear down and break away. Perks Of Using A Natural Gas Fire Pit. Sometimes the heat of the grill just isn’t enough to keep all your guests warm, especially on cooler evenings. Are you looking for something your family and friends can gather around at home? A smart control panel lies on the exterior, underneath the top surface, with full instructions. No protection from flames for younger children. A superior stainless-steel burner and fasteners will provide some rust-proofing. At just 22 pounds in weight, the Heininger is very easy to pick up and carry to your campsite. The top portion is made of one large slate piece, with the burner plate going in the middle. Not all gas fire pits are created equal. The Endless Summer fire pit table is a good choice if you are in the market for an aesthetically pleasing product that doesn’t break the bank. Buying a top-quality natural gas outdoor fireplace is a perfect way to enhance the comfort of your outdoor space by adding warmth and functionality. Check their regulations before you light anything up! Faux-brick or a wooden effect finish can be used to make the metal casings more attractive. Bring the heat … Steer clear of cheaper products which use less robust materials, especially if it’s to be left outdoors. A safety valve ensures the user is in full control and offers protection in the event of a breakdown. Many manufacturers will specify a standard 20-pound tank, with the largest compatible ring being 20 inches in diameter. Concerning size, you also have to consider not just the physical footprint the firepit will have, but clear space required around it. Although the word “pit” suggests a large hole in the ground, many modern gas fire pits are free-standing constructions. Heininger 5995 58,000 BTU Portable Propane…, Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Outdoor Portable…. Beautiful patio centerpiece - Converts to a patio table. Also included in the box are clear chunks of fire glass, to cover the burner. More BTUs naturally means more heating power.

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